We are Local Connecticut Real Estate investors who are passionate about helping homeowners solve their real estate problems

Are You behind on Payments?

Your house needs Repairs?

Are you facing Foreclosure?

Is your house Vacant?

You have bad Tenants?

Do you need to Relocate?

Are you going through Divorce?

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We can buy Your house in “AS IS” condition and solve Your real estate problems!

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If You need to sell your house fast, we can pay Cash and close quickly.

If You don’t want to struggle with repairs, we can buy your houses in “AS IS” condition.

If You don’t want to hassle with cleaning up the house, we will take care of that for You.

If a Real Estate Agent won’t list Your house, we can HELP!

You have enough to worry about, let Us handle your real estate needs!

How It Works

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Why Sell To Us?

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What other say about us

Why work with US?

We Are Not Real Estate Agents

We are not looking to list your property for fees. We are looking to buy your house in “AS IS” condition for cash.

Whatever your reason is for selling, we want to help. We are cash buyers and can close in as little as 7 days – giving you relief from whatever house problems are in your life.

Our WIN – WIN Approach

We ONLY do a deal if it does give a positive experience for everyone involved. We run our company with strong ethics and integrity. We are only happy if you are happy with the sale of your home.

We promise to be transparent, fair, and ethical at every stage of the process.  We know that the home sale process can be stressful and time-consuming, but we are committed to making this process the easiest.


This brief comparison will guide you through the decision process to help you decide what’s best for You.

Working with a Real Estate Agent

 Sales Commissions 6%

 Timeline 5+ months / Single Offer Structure

 Closing costs 4 – 5%

 Most Agents will have from 4-5 listings


Working with CT Fast House Buyers

 No Commissions

 Fast Cash Offers + Multiple Offers Structure

We pay for 100% of the closing costs

 We work exclusively ONLY on Your house

What Other Say – Testimonials from Homeowners

Trustworthy & Professional

Our experience with CT Fast House Buyers was excellent and professional. They were honest and upfront with the sale and closing.

Jill & Garry V. (Norwalk, CT)

CT Fast House Buyers Was Patient and Transparent with Us.

We had a vacant house and had a hard time finding good tenants. After two months of searching we decided to sell. It is difficult to be a long distant landlord from more than 500miles away. When we finally decided to sell it was a seamless process.

Kevin G. (Fairfield, CT)

Closed on My Schedule

We were willing to sacrifice a bit on the sales price in exchange for a fast sale with no hassles. We needed the money and wanted to close as fast as possible.

Robert & Linda T. (Stamford, CT)


  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Property needs repairs
  • Bad Tenants
  • Long distance landlord
  • Need to downsize or relocate
  • Inheritance
  • Vacant property
  • Divorce or Dispute
  • Fire damage


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